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CSC_0764.jpgHi!  I'm Roxy, owner of Vintage Flower.  Thank you for stopping by,  I'd like to take a minute or two of your time to tell you a little about my flower journey, if I may...

My career in the flower industry began in 1998 and I quickly realised I'd found my passion in life.  I was lucky enough to work for people who gave me creative freedom so I was allowed to find my groove and grow from there.  I was also lucky enough to train with some super talented floral designers who taught me so much and to whom I owe a depth of gratitude.  What I love about this industry is it's constantly evolving and I'm always learning something new.  I still get excited when my favourite blooms come back into season and I love anything weird and unusual - boring, run of the mill just isn't part of my vocabulary!  There's just something so magical about flowers, the effect they have on people is always positive, I mean who doesn't love receiving a beautiful bouquet of Mother Nature's finest, right?

In December 2004 I made a very grown-up decision and went into business for myself, buying a little shop called "Bouquets Florist" in a shopping centre in Nerang, one of the Gold Coast's busiest suburbs.  I operated there for 8 years before taking a leap of faith in January 2012 and relocating to a gorgeous space just down the road where I renamed, rebranded and pretty much reinvented my business ... And "Vintage Flower" was born!

Inspired by one of Nerang's longest standing buildings - previously Simmond's Hardware (picture beaten up wooden floor boards and high ceilings) I decided to indulge in my other passion - all things vintage - and have added a cool collection of vintage pieces, hence the "vintage" part of our name (definitely nothing to do with the freshness of our flowers!).   So not only can you come in store to get your flower fix, but you can also take a trip down memory lane and discover some treasures from days of old. 

Please enjoy this online version of my store, I really do appreciate you spending time here.

Health and happiness

Roxy :)



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